Amanda Nørgaard Dear friends Danish model Amanda Nørgaard is a rare bird flying in the universe of love and happiness. Through common interest and beliefs, we have learned to know Amanda as a beautiful, curious and caring woman who passionately shares her ideas about life and love with us and the rest of the world. She is not only an amazing source of inspiration to us, she is also a muse to Skall studio. Always believing in love and the good in life, Amanda seeks the depth within herself and her surroundings. To experience life through the heart and really feel what she truly feels has been and still is a journey of many lessons and letting go. Liberation is the key to freedom and happiness. “It cannot be defined, you must just live for love and freedom.” Nourishing the daily with yoga, meditation and reading and writing, Amanda keeps her body and mind in balance. Being a friend of nature and animals, Amanda practice a vegetarian lifestyle and she loves spending time in nature, where she collects beautiful flowers that she brings home with her and dry in books. Spending time with Amanda reminds us of being present and appreciate the simple things in life, the important things, such as laughing and loving which Amanda does a lot. So do we. We laugh out of joy and love, and we hope you will do the same. Julie & Marie Skall
“Wisdom is when it becomes you.”
Anni dress, color optic white
 “You create your own reality.” - Amanda Nørgaard.
Deauville shirtdress, organic cotton
Fleurie shirt, color optic white
“The joy of finding a forgotten flower in a book.”
Boho blouse
// thank you Amanda