Pernille Højbjerg Dear friends We are very happy to introduce you to an old friend of ours, Pernille Højbjerg, the store manager and buyer for one of our favourite shops in Copenhagen, Another nué. When we first meet Pernille we were all young teenagers living in the same small town in the Northern part of Denmark. Through a common interest for fashion, we got to know Pernille as a very chic and sophisticated girl. Already at a very young age, Pernille had her own unique sense of style, which we admired and still do today. Pernille has a strong flair for fashion which she has kept with her into adult life and which she keeps on evolving with her work in fashion retail. “The fashion industry is changing. Previously, it was all just about the clothes, beautiful clothes that I fell in love with. Today there is a lot of noise in the industry, the internet and social media makes everything happen so fast and people are easily affected by what they see online. I’m not really into that, I still fell in love with brands that care for good design, beautiful clothes and timeless style.” Curating a successful multi brand store takes a little of both and Pernille definitely knows that the modern and fashionable women of Copenhagen wants. Since opening in 2010, Another nué has become one of the most loved design shops in Denmark. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Another nué offers a finely curated mix of women’s wear and accessories from some of the finest Scandinavian and international design brands. All carefully selected from a personal and inspiring point of view. The owner of the shop, Anne Dorthe Larsen is also the owner of the sister shops, nué and Lovechild, and the brands carrying the same names. We feel truly blessed to be working with both Anne Dorthe and Pernille, and we love seeing our Skall studio collections come to life in the beautiful shops. Julie & Marie Skall
Deauville shirtdress
Anni dress, optic white
Anni dress, black
Anni dress, black
Fleurie shirtdress, optic white & Toteme jeans
another nué, Krystalgade 3 Copenhagen
Deauville skirt & nué notes blouse
Anne blouse stripe & Fleurie shirtdress, optic white // thank you Pernille