Kathrine Gøtke Jørgensen Dear friends, In the spirit of motherhood, Kathrine Gøtke Jørgensen is an inspiration and role model for all women working with their passion and embracing their female nature at the same time. As the owner of the Copenhagen based successful high-end vintage shops, I Blame Lulu, Kathrine knows that balancing business and family can be challenging. Especially when you have created your business out of passion and it can be difficult to let go after work hours. Having known Kathrine for quite some time, we have watched her do her daily routines with ease and joy, always taking time to do small things forherself, like stopping by her favourite coffee shop every morning on her way to work. Something that most people would not take the time to do out of hurry and stress, but Kathrine knows that there is no perfect balance between her business and her growing family. The less stress you put into your everyday life, the more joyful and easy it becomes. It is important to take out time for yourself, take time to spend with your family and friends, and take time to enjoy whatever you are doing right now. To approach the world as a woman, a business owner and a mother dedicated to do your best in every sense, at all times and look effortlessly stylish while doing it. Kathrine is that kind of person, a person who makes everyone around her feel good and happy. Julie & Marie Skall

Fleurie shirtdress, optic white
Anni dress in peace silk
Deauville shirtdress & dress in organic cotton // thank you Kathrine & Filippa