Josephine Alberthe Dear friends, We are very thrilled to share this letter with you. It is not only the first letter introducing our new Autumn collection, it is also a letter sharing our love for art and introducing a young female artist whom we have only recently meet, but already falling in love with. Josephine Alberthe is an artist by heart. Having worked in the cross field of visuals and photography for several years before discovering her gift for shaping clay into beautiful sculptures. Sculptures that have earned recognition among art lovers and stylists and made appearances in international exhibitions and interior magazines. All within a very short time. An imperfect beauty. Fragile elegance. Organic and dynamic twosomeness. Simple and pure aesthetics that catches the eye and speaks to the heart. We often find ourselves attracted to this kind of beauty, the kind of beauty that comes from within. Working with an intuitive mindset, Josephine gives us an aesthetic experience in all senses through her sculptures. “I find existentialism and human relationships interesting. I often work with fragments of my own memories of the past or ideas about the future. Loneliness and twosomeness are on-going subjects for me to explore. There is no right or wrong.” We were excited to meet Josephine in her small temporary workspace at her mother’s house (thank you for having us). With natural light flooding in through the wall of windows, we captured Josephine in her natural work environment, breathing life into every Skall studio piece that she wore and giving us a glimpse into her beautiful universe of creating sculptures. To the new season, Julie & Marie Skall

Penny knit made in Denmark & Dot dress in organic cotton
Henri dress in linen
Pere shirt & Edie blouse in organic cotton




Dot dress in organic cotton surrounded by Im Perfectusperfectum and De Fectusperfmectum I + II.
// thank you Josephine Skall studio AW18 collection available from August 2018