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Originally we decided to produce locally due to animal welfare. To be able to control the supply chain. But it also feels right and true to our core values that we help reduce the emission of CO2 with less transportation, and support local manufacturers in, what has become a rather small industry in Denmark. We often chose the natural colors of the wool to avoid the chemicals involved in the dying process of special colors.

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One of the most sustainable choices we make is to use unique materials that are leftover or rejected, and give them a new life. When visiting our suppliers in India, we love to go through the fabrics that others have rejected, and be inspired to use them for our purpose. Yet another way of helping to reduce the production of raw materials and thus the environmental impact.

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For children


The Musling collection is merely mini editions of our Skall collections. Carefully selected styles made for both mother and child. A few favourites created from the same values about design and sustainability as our Skall collections. Simple and easy styles made in soft organic cotton and linen fabrics with unique details signing the classic Skall studio signature style.

Available in sizes 2 years, 4 years and 6 years

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Skall letters

Skall letter No. 20

Skall letter No. 20

  Emilie Kroyer Koppel, the sweetness of youth and a blossoming talent.   Dear friends, In the wake of a time that has changed our everyday ...

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Skall letter No. 19

Skall letter No. 19

 Dear friends  Spring is like a child. Innocent and free. The earth becomes a child when everything starts to grow and blossom. The fresh smel...

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