Knitwear made in Denmark


Since our first collection our signature knitwear has been made in Denmark. It is essential to us to support local craftsmanship as well as other crafts around the world as we believe traditional crafts have strong cultural roots worth protecting in a globalized world. At the same time, animal welfare is one of our core values. At Hjelholt spinning mill we can follow each step closely – and be sure that the animals thrive.

Hjelholt spinning mill located in the beautiful island Funen is one out of two remaining spinning mills in Denmark. Since 1878 the Hjelholt family has gained wool from their own organic sheep and today the mill is run by 4th generation, still valuing the traditional craftsmanship. Our Danish knitwear begins with the Hjelholt sheep, thriving in the beautiful nature of Funen.


The wool for our Danish knitwear comes from the organic sheep at Hjelholt spinning mill, who are carefully sheared twice a year. Afterwards the raw wool is sent to England for washing and dyeing, since there are no professional washing facilities in Denmark. This process is done according to REACH. However, most of our knitwear is undyed as we love the natural colours of the wool. Before the wool is ready for the spinning machine, the Danish wool is mixed with soft and mulesing free merino wool from the Falklands. The merino wool is washed in England and afterwards sent to Hjelholt, where it is mixed with the wool from the Hjelholt sheep. This blend gives a durable yarn easy to work with and soft and comfortable to wear.

The wool is spun on a large old spinning machine from the 1940’s that requires certain skills which is why only a few people in Denmark master this work of art. Some of the yarn is used for our knitting kits while the rest is sent to the knitting factory.

Our Danish knitwear is knitted and stitched together in one of the few remaining knitting factories in Denmark, O.K. Babystrik in Herning, Jutland. The family run factory, founded in the 1960’s, is run by 2. generation. The staff has each knitwear between their hands as the knitwear is knitted together piece by piece on a sewing machine, while buttons are fastened by hand.

We wish to support local craftsmanship and if we could decide ourselves, we would still have the traditional production facilities in Denmark. We hope that our knitting patterns will encourage you to knit at home and by doing so, support local production and craftsmanship – imagine how much local production we can create together.