Knitwear made in Denmark

Since we launched our first collection, our knitwear has been made in Denmark. Just as it is important to us to support social sustainability in the wider world it is also important to us to support and uphold local craftsmanship. We work with Hjelholt spinning mill located in the beautiful island Funen, one of the few remaining spinning mills in Denmark. Since 1878 the Hjelholt family has produced wool from their own organic sheep farm and today the mill is run by the 4thgeneration, still valuing traditional craftsmanship.

Our knitwear begins its journey with the Hjelholt sheep who walk freely in the beautiful nature of Funen.


Twice a year it is time for shedding the wool and at Hjelholt this is done by professional sheep shearers from Wales. It only takes a few minutes and is done with care and respect. Afterwards the raw wool is sent to England for washing and dyeing if dyeing is needed. Since there are no professional washing facilities in Denmark this part of the process takes place in England. However, most of our knitwear is undyed as we love the natural colours of the wool that comes in off-white, sand and grey. Dyeing is proceeded in accordance with REACH. Once the raw wool has been washed and dyed it is sent back to Hjelholt. 

Before the wool is ready for the spinning machine, the Danish wool is mixed with soft and mulesing-free merino wool from Falkland Islands. As part of England, the Falkland Islands is known for its high standards of animal welfare. The sheep walk freely all year round in the beautiful green surroundings and like all sheep on Falkland Islands the sheep are certified mulesing-free. This raw wool is also washed in England and afterwards sent to Hjelholt. With this particular blend of wool we have created a durable yarn that is easy to knit and soft and comfortable to wear. 


The wool is spun on a large old spinning machine from the 1940’s. Handcraft is needed to run the machine and only a few people in Denmark master this work of art. Some of the yarn is used for our knitting kits while the rest is prepared for the knitting machines in Herning. 


Our knitwear is knitted and stitched in one of the few remaining knitting factories in Denmark, O.K. Babystrik in Herning, Jutland. The family driven factory started to produce baby knitwear in the 1960’s and is run by the 2. generation. Today they don’t do much baby knitwear, but the name remains the same and the traditions and craftsmanship are still the same. The knitwear is knitted piece by piece and since there is no possibility of knitting the pieces together in Denmark, the knitwear is carefully stitched together in a small sewing room at the factory.

We feel privileged to make knitwear in Denmark using local wool as it makes sense to us in so many ways. We support local craftsmanship and a transparent supply chain and most important to us: We support animal welfare. This way of producing makes us feel good about making knitwear in wool. 

Local production at home

Local production and craftsmanship are essential to us and if it was up to us to decide, we would still have the traditional production facilities in Denmark. Unfortunately, this is not the case which is why we are trying to find alternative ways to create more local production. Our knitting kits are a way to support local production in your own home – imagine how much local production we can create together.

Clothes made in India

We source all our cotton and linen in India where the factory that we have worked closely with for many years is also situated. The family-owned factory in the heart of Delhi is run by 2. generation who has a western mindset and therefore understands our demands for production. As we have both lived and worked in India ourselves, we have always felt a strong connection to the country. Actually, we already worked with the factory before establishing Skall Studio in 2014 and our mother who is also a designer has worked 20 years with the factory. As we came back from India to establish Skall Studio, it felt natural to continue the good collaboration with the owners whom we almost consider as family. We always look so much forward to our two annual visits at the factory which is BSCI certified and very soon also GOTS certified, while it also meets all the REACH requirements.