The Skall Sisters


Skall Studio was founded in 2014 by the sisters Julie and Marie Skall, way before conscious became a common word in the fashion industry. 

With fair production, fur and leather free collections and classic styles in natural fibres made to last, Skall Studio is known as a value-based brand. This is all rooted in a strong family story. 

The Skall story took its beginning in the coastal area of Northern Jutland around the 20th century where Julie and Marie’s great-grandfather and his brothers collected seashells on the beach and sold them for chicken feed to earn a living. This is also how the family got its last name Skall, meaning seashell in Danish.

Many years later the Skall sisters walked the same beaches – and became fascinated by the seashells which they collected in their small buckets, without knowing how essential these shells would later become. “Everything is connected,” is the sisters’ favourite saying.

Today the seashells are still a source of inspiration. They not only remind the sisters of the nature in Northern Jutland where they grew up. The seashells also remind them of that nature, animals and humans are closely connected – and of their ancestors’ simple way of living. That less is enough. Values that the sisters wish to pass on to everyone buying a Skall piece.

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