Besides the use of water, new advanced washing technology is an important aspect of responsible denim production. We work with three machines, depending on the look we want to achieve: laser, Ozone air wash and e-flow wash.

Our GOTS certified Skall Denim is made in a GOTS certified factory in Turkey with the advanced technology from Jeanologia, who is a world leader in denim washing innovation. Thanks to the Jeanologia low impact machinery, our denim is made with a minimal use of water and energy.

Skall Denim is washed in a controlled laundry environment with a closed loop water-filtration and recycling system and each wash is measured with an EIM score, Environmental Impact Measuring. At the same time washing is done at 30 degrees reducing the use of energy significantly.

In general, we prefer raw denim as this denim requires a minimal use of water and is known for its longevity. However, when we want to achieve a vintage look, we work with the laser machine as laser can be applied without any abrasion and doesn´t damage the fibers of the denim unintentionally. When "bleaching" we use clean air (O2) that is transformed into Ozone (O3) which acts like a "bleaching" agent and eliminates the use of harmful chlorides. Ozone is kept in a closed loop and is re-transformed into O2 in a circular loop. Also, to reduce the use of water, we use e-flow wash where Nano bubbles transport the chemicals with a minimal use of water and zero discharge.  

Yarns and fabrics are made in Turkey to avoid long transportation. According to the EIM score Skall Denim is classified with a low impact score.